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It is so inspiring to be part of an organization whose members make a difference to individuals every day!

As I sat down to write my first message as President of PACDA, I couldn’t help but be impressed with how far we’ve come and, of course, a little intimidated following in the footsteps of our inaugural President, Kim Neubauer. Kim helped set PACDA on a course for success that I am delighted and privileged to continue to advance.

When COVID derailed our plans for a day-long symposium 18 months ago, we pivoted quickly to virtual offerings that supported our mission of professional development and networking for our members.

Looking forward to the coming fiscal year, we have robust plans to continue to bring significant value to PACDA members and guests while also sustaining and growing our impact on career services delivery in Pennsylvania and adjacent communities. For me, that’s the core of PACDA’s impact – helping individuals, one by one, optimize their career management through the expertise of our members.

Our ambitious goals for the future include:

Increase the size and diversity of membership across every dimension (geography, age, race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation / affectional preference / gender identity, disability, etc.).

  • Growth and inclusiveness enables us to expand the number of individuals whose careers are positively affected by PACDA members’ expertise.
  • While many states have their own CDA division, we understand that job markets may cross state lines and welcome members/guests from communities in DE, OH, WVA, NY, NJ, MD, and elsewhere.

Provide professional development opportunities for members, through program excellence, partnerships, and volunteer leadership opportunities within PACDA.

  • We’re a volunteer organization whose members bring value to other members.
  • We elevate our profession and the services we deliver by helping members grow their expertise, skills, and reputation.

Being recognized as a go-to resource for best practices within an industry that is somewhat fragmented, with an array of practitioners and certifications.

  • By continuing to provide robust learning and networking events, PACDA enables our members to be continuous learners and advances the caliber of career services delivery in our market.
  • Virtually all of our events include CEU credit for certifications through NCDA, the premier national association for career professionals.

Continued refinement of PACDA governance as part of our “best-in-class” identity.

  • With PACDA having been recognized as an “Outstanding State Division” in 2020, there is an expectation of excellence in programming and leadership.
  • Continuous improvement is synonymous with excellence and we’re looking to focus on performance and strategy to maintain our reputation for being exemplary.

I hope that you will join us in optimizing the careers of all those that we serve. The work that we do doesn’t just help an individual – it positively affects each person’s families, communities, and workplace.

Safiya Edwards

President, PACDA


It is the policy of the Pennsylvania Career Development Association (PACDA) to maintain a safe, comfortable environment by prohibiting the solicitation of funds or business, the distribution or posting of materials, and/or the promotion of products or services not specifically approved by or belonging to PACDA, as outlined below:

  • Individuals, organizations, and companies are prohibited from soliciting funds, distributing literature or gifts, pitching merchandise or services, or engaging in any other solicitation, distribution, marketing, or similar activity except when approved in writing by PACDA.
  • Use of PACDA email addresses, meetings, or social media for marketing purposes, e.g. posting or distributing materials or announcements, is permitted only when authorized by the Executive Board of PACDA.

Questions may be submitted to info@thepacda.org.


Registration Open!

PACDA End of Year Celebration

Monday, December 13, 4:30-6:00 pm

FREE virtual "End of the Year Celebration" featuring stand up comedy and a "Match Game" led by Theresa Hummel-Krallinger. Expect to laugh and interact with career professionals from all over Pennsylvania and neighboring states. 



What does the Great Resignation Mean for You and Your Clients?

This event began with a brief presentation about the impact of “The Great Resignation” on your students/clients. Following breakout discussions by PACDA subgroups (Workforce Development, Higher Ed, Private Practice, K-12) the event ended with closing comments on strategies and resources.


If you have someone to recommend as a speaker/presenter/panel member for future events, please email programming@thepacda.org.



Kudos to our first organizational member, JEVS. Welcome to new and renewing members Peggy Truitt, Souleymane Fall, Samara Fritzsche, Gary Lachow, and Jacqueline Savoy.

If your organization is interested in organizational membership, learn more here.

Join the conversation on social media! Share your favorite resources and career milestones with us using #thePACDA.


The Pennsylvania Career Development Association (PACDA), a State Division of the National Career Development Association, is committed to offering high quality, accessible professional development and networking opportunities to career services practitioners throughout the state.

We welcome career services and career development professionals in corporate outplacement, talent development and mobility, higher education, K-12 schools, workforce development, public and private agencies, non-profit organizations, and private practices.

Thank you to PACDA Charter Members!

Leigh Aaron

Christine Allen

Fran Arvan

Helene Baer 

Lois Benishek

Emily Bennett

Jenifer Benson

Corey Bishop

Susan Bond

Marcella Blakney Collins

Katrina Brittingham

Maureen Brown

Sarah Brown

Kareem Calliste

Ruth Campbell

Lynn Carroll 

Julie Cerrito

Margie Cherry

Michael Clark

Saleem Clarke 

Michael Costantini

Sheila Cosgrove

Sue Crump

Terry Cummins

Angela Cutchineal

Nicole Dalberto

Steve Damweber

Gabriela Davie

Barry Davis

Krissie Deck

Marissa Deitch

Ken Diamond

Peter Doris

Carol Dougherty

Jessica Dow

Laura Dowling

Gerrie Dresser

Annmarie Driscoll

Safiya Edwards 

David Falbo

Jane Finkle

Charna Flanzer

Sharon Fleshman

Debra Franke 

Angeline Gordon

Lauren Granese

Dorothy Grill

Barbara Gronsky

Frank Grossman

Harris Gubin

Cheryl Hallman

Lisa Hansinger

Pamela Harris

Megan Haupt

Yuhong He

Elaine Herbert

Michael Herrera

Denise Hibshman

Karla Hill

Gary Hines

Betty Hirsch

Linda J. Hollenback

Christopher Hughes

Edward Hunter

Brian Hutchison 

Jennifer Jones

Karla Jones

Latara Jones

Lauren Karch

Dilyara Kashaeva

Lesley Katz

Natalie Kauffman

Laura Kline

Arnie Kohen

Pam Kokkalis

Christopher Landino

Karen Litzinger

Anastasia Lopez

Amanda Machonis

Kate Madden

Helene Mansuco

Chrystal McArthur

Melissa McKee

Jordon McRae

Rachel Minard

Carol-Anne Minski

Ruth Morganato

Ford Myers

Kaitlyn Myers-Brooks

Kim Neubauer

Tashawn Nichols

Jonathan Niles

David Novick

Heather Ordover

Peter Ostrander

Saul Pessin

Christopher Peterson 

Amber Pleasants

Louise Polis

Marissa Polselli

Diandra Prescod

MaryEllen Raposa.

Tori Reese

Stefania Revelli

Helen Richardson

Brady Riedel

Marcia F. Robinson

Jacqueline Savoy

Peggy Schils

Elisa Seeherman

Tanya Sheldon

Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Amy Siler

Patricia Smith

Christopher Stancil

Marilyn Stika

Susan Sullum

Barbara Taylor

Mindy Thomas

Craig Toedtman

Andrea Tropeano

Peggy Truitt

Jaci Tusman

Ursula Uhrin

Karen Veres

Jessica Visek

Margaret Wahrman

Abbey Wascovich

Stephanie Welder

Beth Ann Wilson

Robin Wilson-Tolbert

Bonnie Yake 

Hyung Joon Yoon

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